Saturday, February 21, 2015

Vue project 1000

By reworking the covers of a local publication, I admit I'm being a bit of a jerk.

But I have this urge to design some stuff. So, off I go. These designs are for educational purposes only.

The logo of the Vue Weekly presents some serious design challenges. Just three letters in the main part of the logo (VUE). And they are difficult letters. On this one I go sliding into the retro-rounded letters. Every letter has a curve -- except for the "V." Sorta works.

The current covers are all staff illustrated, with some publicity photos tossed in. Having to do the paper and do the cover illustration at the same time? That's a heavy load.

I really liked the unicorn in the original illustration so I took made it the star of the cover, And I rewrote the headline to play up the rarity of the one thousand mark -- and the unicorn. With a possibly obscure reference to "The Outsiders" that maybe no one will get.

Update: I've put a more realistic newsprint background on my design.

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