Monday, May 04, 2015

It was a dress, but it could be a cape

This image on Twitter got my attention. Because I couldn't figure out what it was trying to say.

I searched the internet using Google, and eventually Tin Eye, and found that it was a promotion for a software-writing company. And the thing that wasn't a dress was -- a superhero cape. And there is even website. It's all in the cause of promoting women as superhero software programmers. Or something. And that's cool. 

But I think the poster could use some improvement so it's a little more clear in its message.

Here's my redo.

I did a couple specific changes for clarity. First -- bigger scoop on the neckline so the top of the cape is more visible. And then I made the superhero outfit more obvious -- adding full-body spandex with a logo on the chest. Plus boots and pants. Now there is a superhero outfit.

Then I thought perhaps the cape isn't emphasized enough with the colorful outfit -- so I made one with the colors muted. 

Now it's obvious enough so that even I get it.

Update: Jake Seamans, in a comment, pointed out something: "What about getting rid of the 'It's a cape' line in your redesign? It seems to have more impact when you leave that line out and let the audience fill in the rest themselves."

Jake, I agree. I was over-explaining with that added line of text. Here's the reworked design minus the extra text and plus the company tagline.

Update #2: Changed the headline from "It was never a cape" (which doesn't make sense).