Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quiz: Which story's about the United States, which story's about Germany?

The story online.

The story online.


Avidor said...

Why not both? ... Would be toasty.

David Steinlicht said...


You're kidding, of course. I would prefer to live in a house where the heating didn't require a constant flow of money and resources.

It sounds like a dream to me. Impossible! But there it is in a newspaper article. Stack that up against coal heating?

Nothing beats coal. That is, I mean to say, "Nothing" beats "Coal."


Avidor said...

We could burn newspapers in special "old-media furnaces" or we could huddle around virtual bonfires on our computers.

Anonymous said...

Look at the windows for the clue.

Crank out windows: Deutchland

Sliding door: USA number one.