Friday, January 09, 2009

Back seat drivers encouraged

1950's-style painting. Very today-style cheerful violence. Passive typography. Questionable message. Not sure this all works together, but it caught my eye.

The Web site reads as if it's aimed at teen passengers riding with teen drivers. The site's design is an uncomfortable combo of 1980s grunge type and 1950s clip art.

UPDATE: "Anonymous," in the comments, suggests there's a possible Church of the Subgenius/ Bob Dobbs connection. Combed back hair. Big halftone dots. I think "Anonymous" may be right.


Daughter Number Three said...

My teen daughter was the first to notice these billboards, and she thought they were odd, but she did notice them. It makes me wonder what type of research the Ad Council did to lead them in this direction.

Anonymous said...

looks like an ad influenced by
"Three Fisted Tales of Bob"
of the Dobsian cult.

David Steinlicht said...

Oh, yeah! Bob without the pipe is still Bob.