Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Panic-inducing sign

Original sign. Says in large type "Buses do not stop here." Even though I knew it was for the Winter Carnival stuff, I still panicked a bit until I hunted down the important info buried deep in the sign. "Saturday."
Improved version. Would it have been so tough to put the important info at the top of the info nuggets?

UPDATE: Read more about Metro Transit useability! Steven Hauser has a slug of thought-provoking (and just plain provoking) essays on the topic.


Steven Stwalley said...

Really, just adding the magic word "on" helps tremendously. Alternately, to help induce more panic, they could add a graphic image of frostbitten toes at the bottom.

David Steinlicht said...

When I see that my bus is not coming when and where I expect it -- when it's below freezing or below zero Fahrenheit -- well, it's as if someone is threatening my life. I could freeze to death.

The Metro Transit person who made these these signs clearly doesn't understand that fact.

Anonymous said...

I thing your use of graphics in your posts
are very effective. Almost every post
I have seen is centered around a simple graphic and a short analysis.

Yup, I like it. Makes me think.