Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's only toothpicks

Two different boxes of toothpicks. Same brand. Same colors and design. Purchased four or maybe six years apart. They are the same but one is better.

The bottom design -- the more recent version -- is a sad knockoff of the top design. Just look at the way the logo has been haphazardly copied for the second box. And the meaningless squishing of the word "Toothpicks."

Here are all sides of the packages. (Click on images for a larger view.)

The squished type was done so the word "Toothpicks" would fit into the vertical orientation of the display face. One piece of art for vertical and horizontal. (Note the older package has only a horizontal orientation.)

Mystery solved.


Paper-Muncher said...

The smaller stroke on the diamond symbol is much nicer, too. Don't be shy, toothpicks. Let us know you're there...

Daughter Number 3 said...

Yeah, they had to have a rotated version on one side on the later version because possible buyers in the store who might see it sideways wouldn't know what it said. Sheesh.