Friday, April 10, 2015

Vue project 1015

Vue is apparently a promotional sponsor of the Film and Video Arts Film Fest, so they have access to this very nice promotional photo.

The only problem is that the same photo (great as it is) is used for the inside article . . .

. . . and again for the advertisement on the back of the issue. (Even the person writing the folio comment for the back page knows that this is a bit much. The folio reads, "Whoa! Deja-Vue!")

So, I decided to do something different. The award for this film festival is Werner Herzog's boot. As explained in the the story, Herzog was the guest of an Edmonton film festival in the 1990s. He gave his hosts the gift of a pair of old boots -- representing the hardscrabble do-it-yourself determination that it takes to make independent film. Kinda fun when you also recall the Les Blank movie, "Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe." The winners are awarded an old boot and a cash prize. So, I went with a boot.

I put an asterisk at the end of the headline and some little bitty type at the bottom reads, "*It's actually Werner Herzog's boot. It's a whole thing. We explain it all inside."

Just to be contrary, I made all the type Helvetica.

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