Thursday, April 23, 2015


In looking at old Twin Cities Reader covers, I find I'm ashamed of a couple of them. Too much color, too many colors. Misuse of type. So I've decided to do a couple of them again.

(I've been giving the Vue Weekly grief lately, so I thought I'd give myself some of the same.)

As always, click on the pictures for closer.

First off: Trying to do something here, but getting lost in my love of bright spot colors. The red bits are just distracting.

In the redo, I went with a spot-color gray instead of green. A subtle treatment for very big type.

I got really carried away with colors and blends on this one. The typography stinks. And the color separation of the tiny photograph is amazingly awful.

So I thought I'd simplify. White space to the rescue.

Too many tints on the black and white photos here. Nice photos, mistreated.

I'm attempting to let the black and white photos be black and white.

Not sure I could get away with these at the time. There was a big push to make the covers colorful. But I think these reworked covers are more attractive than the originals.

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