Friday, March 27, 2015

Vue project 1013

I've been letting the covers slide for a couple weeks, but this one jolted me back into action.

What do you do when you get a horizontal picture for use on a vertical cover?

• You can do a couple things. Using Photoshop, you can clone an element of the picture to add height. In this case, you could make that grass a much larger area.

• You can leave it horizontal and use the space for type. Lots and lots of type. (That's the approach the designer has taken here.)

• You can (depending on how much leeway you have for photo abuse) (hey, it's handout art of a band, there has to be leeway) stretch that thing to make it fill a more reasonable amount of space. (That's what I did.)

And, I rewrote the headlines. I think my "Oh, Snap" headline is perhaps too flip for the subject of the stories inside (war photography, funeral photography) but I can't resist a snotty headline.

For the flag this week, I'm using Nick Shinn's Beaufort. For the headline type it's the old reliable, Rockwell.

And -- white space.

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