Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Edmonton Metro's new look

Edmonton's free daily newspaper got a new look today.

Here are some pages, comparing last Friday's to today's edition.

Moving from dark green to bright green. Also changing display typefaces (I think the text type remains the same).

Here are my guesses at to what's being used for fonts. Headline font: Lyon Display from Commercial Type. Metro logo and secondary display font: I was going to guess Helvetica, but that's not it. This font has a round dot for the period. I'm stumped. Looks like one of the sans fonts Entertainment Weekly is using right now. [Update: The typeface is Graphik -- also from Commercial Type. Thank you, Mark Simonson.]

Also: A different ad configuration on the top of the front page.

Gone are the flipped one-column section headers. That's probably for the best. I think it was a little awkward going down the side of the page -- just to abruptly end at the bottom advertisement. 

I was not a fan of the gradients going on in section heads -- though I didn't mind it on the front page logo. 

The refurbished Metro logo gets big play (although making it white on a light gray background downplays the big play).

Interior pages carry through the brighter look. Note the folio has gone from dark green and gray to all bright green. The folio color now changes with the sections. The previous design kept the green/gray folios throughout.

The new pages may be slightly narrower on the trim, but the image size seems to be the same.

Features cover reworked. Purple rather than gold? Yes!

An interior features spread. Using the bold headline type exclusively right now. I'm guessing that may change with time.

Sports front page. Red for sports. 

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