Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vue Project 1024

This Vue Weekly cover is okay. But the back cover is pretty fantastic.

Imagined meeting notes

An imagined meeting shortly before the release of the new Simpsons tie-in, Duff Energy Drink.

BEVERAGE PROFESSIONAL: We made the color like you wanted -- it's between the color of Budweiser beer and the color of Orange Crush. But frankly, this seems like an ugly color.

MATT GROENING: I approve. How about the taste?

BEVERAGE PROFESSIONAL: It's just as you asked, Red Bull crossed with Okay Soda crossed with Mountain Dew. Again, we're not sure that's the direction we'd recommend you go in.

MATT GROENING [Taking a sip]: Whew! That is terrible! Again -- I approve.

BEVERAGE PROFESSIONAL: So . . . we proceed with this? Actually release this -- this stuff?

MATT GROENING: Yes. Proceed.

Note: My photograph doesn't capture the urine-like color of this stuff. It's quite an astonishing hue.