Sunday, June 28, 2015

Imagined meeting notes

An imagined meeting shortly before the release of the new Simpsons tie-in, Duff Energy Drink.

BEVERAGE PROFESSIONAL: We made the color like you wanted -- it's between the color of Budweiser beer and the color of Orange Crush. But frankly, this seems like an ugly color.

MATT GROENING: I approve. How about the taste?

BEVERAGE PROFESSIONAL: It's just as you asked, Red Bull crossed with Okay Soda crossed with Mountain Dew. Again, we're not sure that's the direction we'd recommend you go in.

MATT GROENING [Taking a sip]: Whew! That is terrible! Again -- I approve.

BEVERAGE PROFESSIONAL: So . . . we proceed with this? Actually release this -- this stuff?

MATT GROENING: Yes. Proceed.

Note: My photograph doesn't capture the urine-like color of this stuff. It's quite an astonishing hue.

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