Friday, December 04, 2015

Vue project 1049

Saw this week's  cover and thought it should be more fun. The subject matter is off putting, but fun in an alternative-weekly way. Parts of a horse that make a horse: horseshoes, horse neck, horse legs, horse tail, horse nose. Parts of horse on view in this illustration: horse legs, horse tail and horseshoes. But the hand and the sandwich kinda take over this illustration.

I thought I'd tighten up the headline a bit and put the whole horse on display. And believe it or not there are horse meat butcher charts much like this available for view on the internet. I constructed my own, so the all-Cheltenham type would make a unified cover.

Logo this time: Antique Olive condensed bold lowercase with a few alterations.


Deutsch.heute said...

Those horse legs look pretty silly sticking out from that bun right along with lettuce leaves. Were you at all tempted to edit the text on the illustration to suggest various delectable dishes that could be made from each part of the horse?

David Steinlicht said...

The original illustration was going for a surreal image -- mixing incongruous images and sizes to make a point. I think this kind of concept can work really well if the illustration style is realistic. Or if photos are assembled into one image. Surrealism is really tough to do.

That said, my doing a cover after looking at someone else's finished artwork puts me at a distinct advantage. I steal all the original artist's thinking and hard work and apply my own spin to it. It's not really fair.

If I had been assigned this cover illustration with just the manuscript -- or even more likely, only a verbal description of what the story was going to be -- my illustration idea would likely be different than the one I did here.