Friday, October 23, 2015

Vue project 1043

Canada's latest national election just ended. Justin Trudeau is now the Prime Minister of Canada. It's a big switch. It's big news. So all the newspapers are making a fuss.

Here's how the Vue Weekly did it.

I like the National Enquirer vibe of this original cover. I like covers that have a lot of headlines on them. Looks newsy. But I thought it could been taken further. So I did this version.


Daughter Number Three said...

All those typefaces on the original make me want to run away from that cover. I would definitely pick up yours!

David Steinlicht said...

Thanks, D#3! I'm pushing it a little bit by using Futura and Franklin Gothic in such close proximity. It might be a little bit clashy. But what is the tabloid look if not clashy?