Thursday, November 20, 2014

No longer made in China

Picked up a cool-looking screen cleaner thing at Staples office supplies. 

I bought it because it looks cool. The cleaning liquid is in a little sprayer that is wrapped in the cleaning cloth material and the whole thing is snug inside a clear plastic holder.

When you take it out of it's holder it looks like this.

The cleaner is named Mist and it's available in variety of colors. (At the time of this writing, the online store appears to be sold out of all products. A nice-looking website, though.) Here's what the packaging looks like.

One point of interest is the country-of-origin fine print. Instead of the expected "Made in China" credit -- it says "Made in PROC."

Of course I've heard of China referred to as The People's Republic of China, but swapping out "China" for "PROC" seems either intentionally misleading or … overly specific. In any case, it's something new to me. 

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