Saturday, March 02, 2013

Magazine rack in a Canadian grocery store

The magazine rack in this grocery store has a couple of "Feature" spots -- with their own holders in front of the regular rack. I would easily expect People magazine to be featured -- with it's cover story on "627 Spring Looks." But Adbusters? With it's "Canada, Tar Sands, Kyoto, etc., #SwaggerNoMore" cover story? I think that's unusual.


Mark Simonson said...

That is peculiar. Maybe someone who works at the store likes it?

David Steinlicht said...

An Adbusters fan who works at the store? That's kind-of fun to think about.

Cathy, the Nice Lice Lady. said...

Adbusters is a beautiful Canadian magazine enjoyed by many Canadians. (Yes, 'Occupy Wall Street' was a Canadian invetion.) I pick this magazine up regularly at my neighbourhood 7-11 (I get the irony). I'm not surprised that it's on the rack. What surprises me are weird specialty magazines like 'Tea Cozy Knitter's Weekly" (ok, I might have made that one up). I never see anyone buy them and I never know how they stay in business or even get large retailers to stock them.