Friday, March 29, 2013

I like it! (The new David Bowie album cover.)

The designs, side by side.
The designs, relatively sized.
David Bowie has recently come out with a new album, titled, "The Next Day."

I really like the album cover (designed by Jonathan Barnbrook) -- it takes a very striking vintage Bowie cover and repurposes it. Even down to crossing out the original title.

I see it as a comment on the difference between designing for a 12-inch square record album and the much smaller CD cover / digital download icon.

Fun and funny! Makes me think of work M&Co did in their heyday.

Update: Added the size comparison.

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Mark Simonson said...

Nice. Also reminds me of one of the old Monty Python album covers, which appeared to be a re-purposed classical album written over with a china marker.