Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nobody Walks! Drive Green!

Two signs on two buses. Double meanings for both.

Nobody Walks! Nobody has to walk -- even people who think they can't afford a car can afford one with our EZ financing. And, nobody but an idiot walks because everyone drives.

Drive Green! Drive a car that is easy on the environment. And, drive a car that is worth a lot of money.


bewilderedkid said...

This angers me. It's not the advertising. It's not that these ads are on buses. It's that Denny Hecker's ugly mug is plastered on them. I dislike that man.

Daughter Number 3 said...

Have you noticed how incompetent the Denny Hecker full-page ads are in the daily papers?

They always show cars that have shadows below them, but since the ads are designed as a full-page reverse, the shadows wouldn't actually be visible against the black background. So instead of deleting the shadow, the genius who lays them out allows the shadow to fade to white, as it would if it were on a white background, and then there's a hard line around the shadow. (It's hard to explain, but easy to see and know it is just wrong wrong wrong.)

Not to mention the ads have incredibly bad typography.

And I don't care for his ugly mug much, either.