Monday, May 26, 2008

My favorite noodles

First one: Standard. Blocky. A logo that isn't fussy, it just is.

Second one: More sophisticated. An improvement in some ways. Diluting some of the power, but nicely drawn.

Today's logo: A return to the emphasis on the double "t." Some wiggly noodle shapes added. Weak type treatment. Not an improvement.

Tomorrow: A return to the original logo? Why not!


bewilderedkid said...

After reading your one of your previous blogs, I noticed that you stated that the new church sign was using helvetica. Are you not a fan of helvetica?

bewilderedkid said...

Additionally, my personal favorite brand of noodles is Barilla. I grew up on Creamette, but switched to Barilla in college.

David Steinlicht said...

I like Helvetica okay. I like Helvetica more than Ariel and I like Gill Sans a lot more than Helvetica. What I was trying to say on the earlier post is that most computers these days come with Ariel as their standard sans serif -- and not Helvetica. So I see more "straight out of the computer" signage and documents are set in Ariel. So, I was a little surprised to see Helvetica used.

And as for the noodles ... I'm not picky about noodles. I'll have to give Barilla a try. Thanks for the idea!