Thursday, May 24, 2007

Best parts of "Grindhouse"

The best parts of the movie "Grindhouse," you ask?

1. The first "Reel Missing" moment in "Planet Terror." Starts out there's a lull in the action. Most of the cast is hiding out in a barbeque restaruant. The two main characters bicker for a while then start of a tender love scene. Quiet music. Artsy photography. The film breaks before anything good happens. The "Reel Missing" card goes up. And first thing after the title card is a gigantic musical flourish and an exterior shot of the entire barbeque restaurant on fire. Huge flames.

I laughed!

2. Credit sequence of "Death Proof" starts with some actresses walking around and then goes to a car speeding down a backwoods road. Starring. Music by. Produced by. Then there's the title. An animated, fairly elaborate logo with the words "Thunder Bolt" -- but then before you even have time to read that, we are shown some very drab, white on black lettering, "Death Proof." Like they changed the name for some reason, but didn't go to the expense of redoing the title.

I laughed!

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