Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And or plus

I just noticed that the A&E channel-- home to "Duck Dynasty" and "Bates Hotel" -- updated their logo. I liked the original logo, but thought the slanty edge of the E was taking symmetrical a little too far.
The new logo is tidied up and tighter than ever -- it got rid of the serifs on the ampersand and chopped off extraneous bits. The ampersand is now an equal to the A and the E. I like it.
I admit I didn't notice the new logo until I saw an even newer version floating around. A&E spelled A+E. The same, but different. This logo is for all the A+E networks. That includes A&E, Lifetime, Bio and the History channel.
Perhaps the new A&/+E logo is taking cues (the + and the colors) from Google Plus?
Is "+" the new "&"?

This post is sorta related to an earlier rumination about the updated name for the SciFi channel.


Mark Simonson said...

The new A&E logo bugs me a little bit. There's an awful lot of empty space at the bottom that doesn't seem to be part of any of the three characters. It looks a bit like they used relatively unmodified stock characters from a font, rather than having it custom drawn, too.

David Steinlicht said...

I kinda like the chopping off of the little triangle that would normally be at the bottom of the ampersand. Cleans it up. I also like that the viewer has to complete the puzzle -- fill in the blanks. The right leg of the A is missing! The lower stick of the E isn't connected!