Sunday, January 08, 2012

Android logo in physical space

[Updated with the idea drawings on the bottom]

I like collectible figures. I like the Android logo. So I purchased an Android logo collectible figure.

I was a little disappointed.

The figure itself is rather large. It's roughly three inches tall (76 mm) .It looks good with my Pee-wee Herman doll, but completely overwhelms figures from Kubrick, Qee, Lego and Homie. I think a smaller size figure would have been nicer. It would play better with the rest of my toys.

When you translate a flat piece of artwork into the real world, you have to make some choices. The strangest choice the designers made was to make the Android's legs very deep. I understand that it was to allow the figure to stand on its own, but it really makes the thing look kinda stupid from any angle other than straight on.

The proportions of the logo and the figure are pretty close. Only the legs are a little different -- shorter on the figure.

Possible improvements? At the very least, the white sections -- between the arms and the body, and between the head and the body -- could be painted black.

More radical improvements could be putting the head on a much smaller neck -- so it would disappear in many views and be in shadow in all views.

The legs should be the same in form as the arms. Cylindrical. The feet could be made flatter to allow the character to stand on its own.

Or the feet could fit onto a clear base -- allowing the bottom of the feet to stay in the rounded form of the logo. Either solution would look "right" from all sides.

Still, it's a fun little guy and I'm glad I got it.

[By the way, when I say I like the Android logo, I mean the little guy. I don't particularly like the Android type treatment, but that's probably the subject for a different post.]

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Mark Simonson said...

The thing with the legs reminds me of the Harvey Kurtzman visual gag (featured on the cover of the recent book about him) where he drew a cartoon self-portrait of himself from two angles. The front view looks normal, but in the side view his head is a flat as a pancake.