Tuesday, March 08, 2011

World Reserve Monetary Exchange $2 bills

"48-hour distribution: These seldom seen full uncut sheets of never-circulated $2 bills are being moved from the private vaults of the World Reserve Monetary Exchange for immediate distribution to St. Paul area residents."

Quote above and image below from a Universal Media Syndicate full-page ad in Sunday's paper (Sorry, the 48-hour distribution time for this offer has already expired!). This image of a vault could be completely realistic for all I know. But it looks completely fake to me. I've noted why in the second picture.

Click for bigger.


big karl said...

Everyone's a critic.

Daughter Number Three said...

Imagine being the prop master at the WRME. What a fun job!

m_for said...

so fake it's down right funny. stacks are fake, gun rack fake, cloned dell monitors fake, security cam not aimed well, security cam monitors on the back wall fake, extra glow on the lights fake, yellow band and text on the floor not following the groove in the cement. The lack of shading on the fake stacks, priceless!