Friday, December 17, 2010

And your point is . . . ?

I'm familiar with people writing phone numbers on bills and putting mustaches or lipstick on George, and there's the bill tracking website that follows bills around the country.

But what is the reason for this stamp on the dollar bill?

There's a gun owner out there with a rubber stamp? Okay, not really a surprise.

"Let them take arms." My response would be, "Hey, knock yourself out."


big karl said...

Where did you get a dollar? Are you going to buy gum with it?

David Steinlicht said...


I think I got it in change from the Post Office. Or maybe from Kowalski's. I haven't made my transition to the cashless society yet.

I spent that dollar at Subway -- I purchased a delicious sandwich.

Daughter Number Three said...

Maybe it's a comment on George Washington being a gun owner.