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Not a Face-a-day

This is not today's face, but my drawings here probably influenced it. Sure, I traced this over the official portrait using a computer, but my drawings here have made me more comfortable with what to leave in and what to leave out.

This drawing is an illustration for an editorial bit in today's Pioneer Press (available now on finer street corners for 25 cents). I'm just tickled to do drawings for the Editorial Page. It seems so, I dunno, "Public Service-y."

This is a picture of Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, who everyone loves. The Right loves Michele because she speaks The Truth without regard to consequences. The Left loves Michele because she's good entertainment.

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On the second one I tried drawing the outline of the face first. Didn't really work. I usually start with the eyes, nose or mouth and work out from there.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ugly public art disappears

I was not fond of this piece, but it was a landmark of sorts in downtown Saint Paul. Thanks to Google Street View for making this post possible. (Click picture for closer view.)


The first one looks like her. Don't know what happened with the second one.

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Gotta say that three-quarter faces are a challenge.

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Hey, the second one is supposed to be better than the first one. I want a refund!

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My inability to get a likeness is a drawing style! Really! And really, being able to capture a likeness -- it's a bit overrated, don't you think?

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Just one today -- in a hurry.

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