Monday, March 23, 2009

Ugly public art disappears

I was not fond of this piece, but it was a landmark of sorts in downtown Saint Paul. Thanks to Google Street View for making this post possible. (Click picture for closer view.)


Anonymous said...

yea, I was never a fan of that either...
They should have put up big Bruce Lee statues!

David Steinlicht said...

The space does look empty without something there. Bruce Lee statues would fill the bill. And they could use an advertising slogan like, "Eee-eee-aah! Guarding your money with brutal kicks, punches and throws!"

Anonymous said...

The massive pile of pointy hard metal sticks and flat sharpened edge slicing diskshanging close above the
heads of people
entering and leaving the entrance
gave a peculiar angst to the
"welcoming" street opening.

The hard flat pointyness also just made
the hard flat surfaces of the boxy architecture and American city street cement, walks and gneral environment
that much harder, flatter and scarier.

Something softer and more representative
of the finance industry would be more
appropriate to take the edge off. Something that oozes corruption, lies and vice. Like a drippy condom and a
crumpled, soggy $100 bill.