Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Adobe Illustrator error

Not that this is necessarily an Illustrator error, but it's the kind of thing I've done plenty of times while using Illustrator and FreeHand. You grab what you think are all the pieces of something and move them. And then you realize you didn't grab all the pieces. Sometimes you don't notice until the piece is printed. That is a bad feeling.

This error -- on the side of a beverage cup -- was made in 2001, according to the copyright notice. I've been to every Fair between then and now and this is the first time I've noticed it.

Unrelated note: The Minnesota State Fair has been trying out a new logo in the last couple years. More of a retro logo. I like it.


Toast Radio said...

I was going to say I was surprised that whoever added the "excitement chevrons" around the logo didn't notice, but it looks like those just came along for the ride.


David Steinlicht said...

"Excitement chevrons" -- good one.

Daughter Number Three said...

Wow, that last logo is so retro I think it's actually.... retro.

David Steinlicht said...

Not sure if they picked it out of the history of the State Fair or if they made it up to look like it's from history. But it's very distinctive.

Anonymous said...

So one of the trailing flaps of the "R"
got left behind? I think it was intentional as it lightens up the over heavy R in the original logo but the artist could just say "oops, I adobified
that one".