Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Swing set

There have been some innovations in swing sets since the last time I paid attention. There's the basic strap swing. Uncomfortable, but it does adjust to any size of bottom. The baby swing looks like a diaper in shape and a bit like a used diaper in color. And finally, the bucket-seat style -- so you are able to swing in back-supporting comfort.
The baby swing comes with a handy Warning/Disclaimer for you to read to Baby -- perhaps as a lullaby.


Daughter Number Three said...

I was just musing the other day about swings that have a hard, wooden seat, and how the experience felt quite different from the flexible strap seats.

I guess they don't make the flat ones anymore. Probably a safety issue...

David Steinlicht said...

I'm just guessing, but I think it's a clonking-in-the-head-with-an-empty-swing-seat issue.

Doug Connell said...

Recently I was at a playground with my 7-year-old great-nephew who took a swing on a back support swing (just like the one in your photograph) and he remarked that he would like to have one of them in his living room so he could watch TV while swinging. That gave me a good laugh.

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