Monday, May 25, 2009

Nice logos

I love the old Mysterious Press logo. It's got it all -- nice lettering, good shape, complex meaning (I mean it looks like an open book and a vintage sign hanging outside a creepy old print-shop or publishing house or book store or something). The newer Mysterious Press logo looks like, uh, the two words end in the same letter? Or maybe the point is that, uh, the letters "M" and "P" can be pushed together to share one vertical line? What the heck is it beyond an "M" and "P" pushed together? Is there something I'm missing? Ugh.

But I feel better after looking at this logo for Hard Case Crime books. Great lettering. Great symbols. Great drawings. Gun. Crown. Banner. ("Where crime is king"? Maybe.) Nice all the way around. Thank you, Hard Case.

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