Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ban these phrases

Getting a jump on the year-end lists of phrases that should be banned.

"Well and truly." Use only if you want to sound like a hopeless sci-fi/comic book fanboy. Or has this phrase been banned already?

"Reaching across the aisle." If it's not in reference to grabbing for a box of cornflakes at the supermarket, please don't use this phrase.

"That's three minutes of my life I'll never get back." Usually written in the comment section of a YouTube video. To which I say, is that including the time it took to compose your comment?

[UPDATE: Just one more.] "Damn . . . just damn." and "Wow. . . just wow." I say, just stop.

Brainstorm idea: Probably the best way for me to stop getting worked up about these phrases would be for me to stop reading comments on the Internet.

1 comment:

Daughter Number 3 said...

I hate to admit I hadn't noticed "well and truly" until you mentioned it.