Saturday, September 06, 2008

Where is last week's City Pages?

Last week, before the big convention, I was looking around for a copy of City Pages, the local weekly free paper, published on Wednesdays. I wanted a copy because in this issue is a swell comic by Zander Cannon.

There are a number of boxes around downtown St. Paul that usually have plenty of papers. The boxes were empty. Last night, after the convention was over, I spotted a City Pages box that was chock-full of the Aug. 27 edition -- hey, that's from last week.

I didn't miss last week's paper after all!


Zander Cannon said...

Thanks for the props! I >ahem< have a few copies of the paper if you need one.

I figured my comic was lost to the sands of time; it was quite a shock to open the paper and see it!


David Steinlicht said...

Yeah, congratulations, Zander! I liked your comic a lot. Excellent switch-a-roo concept (blind elephants examining a person) and of course, excellent execution.

I'm so glad it got printed, 'cause, while the Internet is nice and everything, paper is the way to go for reading comics.

mrmonkey23 said...

I couldn't find it either... I want one, Zander! All the MCTC newsweekly & other propaganda boxes where I usually get City Pages mysteriously disappeared last week... and riding the bus down Hennepin, I didn't see another City Pages box anywhere (although I may have missed them). Seemed pretty bizarre.