Friday, August 01, 2008


I go by the Xcel Hockey Arena every day. Two days ago I noted they were putting up a big sign on the glass. There was the Republican National Convention dancing-elephant logo, bigger than life! Kinda colorless. Guess they are going with the red=Republican theme.

Yesterday, the sign is a little bit littler. Not sure why the dancing elephant is gone. But I imagine it will be back. Without the elephant and with only the red background and yellowish stars it looks a little bit Soviet-ish.


Steven Stwalley said...

I always knew those Republicans were a bunch of commies!

David Steinlicht said...


You don't have to be a blog commenter to admire, or use, Soviet-style art.


bewilderedkid said...

This doesn't make any sense. Shouldn't they be using Red, White, and Black?

bewilderedkid said...

Whoops, I hit the publish button too quick! And I meant blue. Not black.

I guess China is funding the GOP convention, just like everything else in this country.