Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Replacing the UPC bars? Or what?

What is this little grid? I've only seen it on one product -- a can of tomatoes.

Is it a replacement for the Universal Product Code, only smaller? Does it have some additional information in it?

Is is an inbetween step on the journey from universal UPC use to universal RIFD chip use?

I've seen symbols like this on postage-machine postage, but larger.

What is this thing?


Toast Radio said...

I was curious too, so did some looking. It's a Data Matrix code... like UPC, but two-dimensional.

According to an online decoder, this one reads "37882 FGB".

David Steinlicht said...

That's good information! Thanks for letting me know what you found. I had no idea where to look. Both the article and the decoder links are useful.