Monday, August 06, 2007

Bike lane narrowed -- again

Time for gnashing of teeth. The bike lane I take home has been narrowed again.

The original stripe (highlighted in green) was rather close to the curb, but I realise that the street is too narrow to support a real bike lane plus two lanes for cars.

Then, last year or maybe it was two years ago, the stripe was repainted (shown in blue) and it moved in maybe a sixth of the way to the curb. Quite a squeeze.

And now this year (the fresh white paint) it has nibbled away a little more. Not as outrageous as the last striping, but working its way to zeroing out the bike lane at this is one intersection.


A Concerned Motorist said...

I guess you should get a car and quit your one-man protest of the American way! We all need the jobs that you're not supporting by not driving! Like Gas Station attendant, Road-Stripe Painter, Road-Construction Worker, Polititian, Police Man, Gas Company, etc. You're taking the food out of these honest hard-working American's children's mouths! Next you'll start in on Global Warming! The very idea!

David Steinlicht said...

The scales have fallen from my eyes. Thank you! That stupid bicycle goes in the trash today!

Lanza said...

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