Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My last Transformers post

"Transformers" bases its look on the least-successful part of the worst "Matrix" movie. The human-controlled robots that shoot -- and shoot and shoot -- into squirming clouds of computer animation.

Pixel hash.

"Transformers" has lots of movement and noise during the action scenes, but this viewer can't tell what's going on.

And don't get me started on Shia LaBeouf's motormouth, improv-fest, say-the-same-thing-20- different-ways monologues.


Anonymous said...

"La Beef" her real name??

Or is she just showing la beef?

David Steinlicht said...

Shia's a he. And he's been in quite a few hit movies lately and he's actually quite good. Funny, too. He starred in "Disturbia" voice-starred in "Surf's Up" and sidekicked Will Smith in "I Robot" and Keanu Reeves in "Constantine" and he will be in the next Indiana Jones picture. So ... he's good. Usually.