Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Love and hate

Robert Indiana painted the original "Love," of course. Fantastic design. Pop Art at its best.

I did the "Hate," in the Indiana style, more or less. I don't know if someone else has done it that way, I just saw a "Hate" done the wrong way and I had to fix it.

The blog post that spurred me on to making these drawings is about stealing other people's artwork. (I'm going to take a stand here and say I'm against stealing, too.) One of the examples of stealing was a design like the one with the tilted "A." The blogger says it's stealing from Robert Indiana to do "Hate" in the "Love" style. I'm not so sure I agree. I think it's more of a tribute, or a visual nod.

But in any case, I don't think the tribute featured is tributing correctly! The "A" shouldn't be tilted, the "T" should be. The "A" has a diagonal in it and doesn't need the tilt. The "T" -- like the "O" in the original doesn't have a diagonal, and should be tilted to get the diagonal reverberating across the design.

Learned that in art class in high school.

If you're going to be inspired by someone's work, think it through.

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