Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sea cruise

Watched 45 minutes of "Poseidon" on cable yesterday. Whew, it was brutal. I don't mean it was a bad movie or anything, it was very well done. But I was astonished the way the bodies were thrown around and left scattered all over the sets. Yeech.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised -- I mean the thing was directed by the guy who directed "Das Boot" -- but I was surprised.

Also, it was a drag to see Kurt Russell looking so bloaty and old. Come on! He looks like a million bucks in "Escape from L.A." And he looks darned good in the stills for the upcoming "Grindhouse: Death Proof." I think the problem in "Poseidon" is they tried to make him look younger with makeup and dyed hair. And he looked awful. Painted-over wrinkles. Richard Dreyfuss, with totally gray hair and regular wrinkles, looked good. Weird.

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